The Role Of A Locksmith In 2014
Not a day goes by when someone doesn't lock themselves out of their house, car or office. The occupation of a locksmith is arguably one of the most secure and required in the 21st century; but in previous years the locksmith wasn't that person you call to help pick a lock. No, centuries ago locksmith-ing was something very different.

Back in the day, and I mean in the day of King Louis XVI, the role of a locksmith was to create a lock rather than pick it. By no means was he unable to, but the act of lock picking was frowned upon and set aside for thieves.

Nowadays, in the age of manufacturers and conveyor belt industry, the lock is generally created by machines and only customized locks receive the care of locksmiths. Instead, the more common employment of a locksmith is to pry open locks, repair locks, clean locks and install new locks.

Many people assume that the amount of lock picking a locksmith in 2014 would need to do is minimal, and if you live in a smaller town this is a correct assumption. In fact, those locksmiths who live in larger cities also face minimal work in the 'lock picking' industry with electronic locks and keyless systems becoming more and more popular.

Locksmiths then call upon the other services being offered replacing or repairing work, particularly for banks and security companies. Banks will usually hire a locksmith to examine vaults, entrance doors and safes after burglaries. Security companies often use the same service for similar reasons, but while installing security systems as well as after a burglary.

It has been seen that some commercial companies will hire locksmiths to recycle locks showing new entrance and exit codes in place of older passwords. This makes the locksmith a valuable asset in their security installation.

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